Shadow Over the Pathoras 3D is a WIP mod for registered Spear of Destiny, created by Kloki38. It uses LZWolf port and is currently advertised at ModDB. The mod is based on Kloki38´s GZDoom mod of the same name, which was released in 2017.

The Story: In year 1650 the Holy Roman emperor Ferdinand III. sends a royal naval officer William Wolf and his assistant to England due to important naval business. On their way they get caught by a storm, so they decide to anchor near an unknown island. What they don't know is, that the island is a part of an empire named Pathoras. 20 years before their arrival a tragedy took place in the Pathoras. During an excavation local miners found an ancient entrance to hell on one of the islands. Shortly after the discovery a 10 years long war begun against "the invaders from beneath". Citizens of the Pathoras lost the war and a bunch of traitors started to rule the Pathoras after. William finds an entrance to an old mine on the shore of the unknown island, but when he enters it, the entrance caves in. Wolf must find out, what happened in the Pathoras, join the rebels and help them to bring the old times back.

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