So You Wanna Be an Assassin? is the twenty-fourth and final mod by John Bucksnort. It was released on September 12, 2001 three days before his death.

It features 3 levels and was based on registered Spear of Destiny.

An SDL port was released on November 18, 2012 and was the final installment in the John Bucksnort in SDL campaign that had begun in May 2012.

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It was announced on July 13, 2001 and featured a title screen that did not appear in the September release. It was also mentioned that source code changes, new sounds and different scenarios would be part of the mod.

For the next two months, nothing was heard from Bucksnort, otherwise a frequent personality on the News listings.

What was released on September 12, 2001 did not feature this. The download did not feature the audio files from Spear of Destiny. One level was made by Harry Mass Sr.

Three days later, it was announced that Bucksnort had passed away, aged 82. Though only gracing the modding scene for 17 months, he put out 24 projects, contributed to several and had many pleasant e-mails back and forth with various members of the community of all ages.

His presence in the community was unique, and his influence could be felt in many mods to come. A slight reassessment of his mods came in the wake of the SDL ports released in 2012. A frequent controversial feature in his level design, the concept of hiding keys in secret areas, was not always well received. But as Bucksnort mentioned in the Read Me to The New Evil:

This is a very difficult patient,  the solutions to getting out of one of my levels can always be found...often in plain sight...Enjoy! All of these levels are beatable on Death Incarnate without cheating!

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