Soldier of Destiny was a mod that was announced on March 23, 2002 by Patrick Gray, but ultimately never released in any form. A title screen was posted along with the news that, in addition to Patrick Gray, Ryan Steinbruner was involved with the project (graphics, coding, title screen art) as well as Arielus (maps). Nothing was heard of the project since.

It was officially canceled on 9th May of 2002 due to Patrick realizing it will never be truly released with Ryan as part of the team. Instead Patrick planned to make WolfenDoom 2 together with Arielus but nothing ever came out of it either. A contributing factor might have been AReyeP taking offense in his vines sprite being used in the title screen without permission and trying to set an example with Soldier of Destiny to not open the gates for unauthorized ripping from Spear Resurrection.

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