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Box art for the first Mission Pack

The back of the mission pack box

Released by FormGen in 1994, the Spear Mission Packs consisted of two sets:

  • Return to Danger
  • The Ultimate Challenge

Based on Spear of Destiny, they featured a new set of graphics and sounds as well as 21 new levels for each set.

Colonel Bill dubbed these The Lost Episodes at some point in time, and many still refer to the mission packs under this name.

They are the basis for community map packs such as the Die Hard Wolfers Lost Episodes Mapset and The Lost Episodes (Revisited).


The following are the new levels in the two different Mission Packs.

Return to Danger[]

The Ultimate Challenge[]

New Enemies[]

The mission packs are known for their graphic replacements, and this includes the enemies.  While the guards, dogs, officers, and SS are changed the something comparable in the mission packs, the bosses and some enemies got completely new identities.


Game Statistics[]

Return to Danger[]

Object Type Number Average per Level
Ammo Items 596 28.3
Shots from Pickups 10108 481.3
Props 5651 269
Directional Markers 382 18.1
Doors 698 33.2
Push-Walls 162 7.7
Enemies on Easy 914 43.5
Enemies on Medium 618 29.4
Enemies on Hard 431 20.5
Bosses 41 1.9
Total Enemies 2004 95.4
Total Objects 8220 391.4

Ultimate Challenge[]

Object Type Number Average per Level
Ammo Items 690 32.8
Shots from Pickups 12500 595.2
Props 6029 287
Directional Markers 427 20.3
Doors 792 37.7
Push-Walls 214 10.1
Enemies on Easy 712 33.9
Enemies on Medium 802 38.1
Enemies on Hard 813 38.7
Bosses 55 2.6
Total Enemies 2382 113.4
Total Objects 9079 432.3


  • Both Mission Packs come with a purchase of Spear of Destiny on the Steam Store here .
  • The Mission Packs are included when you purchase Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny together on Good Old Games here .