Spear Resurrection is a mod for Spear of Destiny (and also made as a sequel to it) made by AReyeP & MCS.

It was released on November 29, 2001 after having been in the works for roughly one year. It revolutionized the modding community, and raised the bar for Wolf modding for years to come.

Many new features include exploding oil barrels, collapsible columns, new weapons, new keys, all-new textures, sprites, VGA graphics, guards and sounds. New music was featured from various sources. AReyeP took responsibilities for the mapping and the graphics and sounds, and MCS took care of the coding.

An SDL port was released on October 1, 2011 shortly before the mod's 10th anniversary which was also marked by an anniversary edition.

It was also used as the base for Kyo Kusanagi's Rise of Hitler, The in 2004.

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