Street Fighter 2 is a mod for shareware Wolfenstein. Initially made in 1993 and released by The Byterunners, Andy Nonymous ported the mod from v1.0 to v1.4 and cleaned up some graphics and sounds. New maps were also added, in place of the standard set of levels found in Wolfenstein 3D's Episode 1.

The mod was also sometimes dubbed WolfSF2.

Five of the levels featured were actually from an old 1992 map set called w3dvisio.

Released in March 1999, this release often overwrote the original Street Fighter, as was the case on the Wolfenstein 3D Dome as well as the Wolfenstein 3D Vault.

Also in March 1999, Andy Nonymous and Brian Lowe pieced together WVisio2, which featured the levels without the Street Fighter graphics.

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Download Street Fighter 2 at The Wolfenstein 3D Vault

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