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Submarine Willy is the first boss in both of the Spear of Destiny Mission Packs.  He is in the fifth level of each game.


Submarine Willy is identical in behavior to Hans Grösse.  Refer to his tactics page to see how best to approach Willy.

Worth mentioning is that Trans Grösse, Gretel Grösse, and Submarine Willy all have reduced accuracy from what Hans is capable of.

Instruction Booklet Description

From The Return to Danger Instruction Booklet:

Willy is one nasty Nazi! Not the brightest individual to start with, Willy had to undergo a lobotomy after repeatedly attacking several guards and officers. On the most recent attack Willy lost one of his front teeth while fellow guards struggled to control him so that the Professor could sedate him. Now his evil grin is all the more unnerving.
The operation caused Willy to resign his position as submarine captain and now he guards the exit from the Submarine Pen.
Always angry, Willy is known [sic] as one of the meanest men in the base. While he often wanders around confused, he shoots at most anything that moves. The guards have gotten used to avoiding him - you'd better keep a sharp eye out too!
You'll need a good stash of ammo and a chaingun to take Willy down! With a chaingun of his own, he'll be tough to beat!

From The Ultimate Challenge Instruction Booklet:

A soldier's soldier - Willy is big and mean. Willy was always a bit "off the deep end" and finally ended up getting a lobotomy when he started killing more of Hitler's men than enemy.
Still, his brute strength and willingness to obey has made him a favorite with Hitler, who gave him the important post of guarding the exit from the Computer Technology Labs.
Willy is the first Boss you'll be up against - so be forewarned - it will take a HUGE amount of ammo to take him down. You'll also need a chaingun - you don't want to face this guy with just a machine gun!


  • Submarine Willy is the Mission Packs replacement for Trans Grösse.

ECWolf DECORATE Definition

actor SubmarineWilly : Trans 99
    seesound "subwilly/sight"
    deathsound "subwilly/death"
    attacksound "subwilly/attack"
    dropitem "YellowKey"
            SUBW A -1 NOP A_Look(0, 0, 0, 0, 360)
            SUBW A 5 NOP A_Chase
            SUBW A 1.5
            SUBW B 4 NOP A_Chase
            SUBW C 5 NOP A_Chase
            SUBW C 1.5
            SUBW D 4 NOP A_Chase
            SUBW E 15 A_FaceTarget
            SUBW F 5 bright A_FaceTarget
            SUBW GFGFGE 5 bright A_WolfAttack
            goto See
            SUBW A .5 A_Fall
            SUBW A 52.5 A_Scream
            SUBW HIJ 7.5
            SUBW K -1
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