The Subworld Hunter was a Wolfenstein 3D mod being developed by Rocketboy680 in 2005. A demo released in February of 2005 on the Wolfenstein 3D Dome shortly before a hard-drive failure on Rocketboy's computer forced him to cancel the project[1].

Subworld Hunter Screenshot

Screenshot of Gameplay

Story Edit

The player is a Subworld Hunter, a kind of honorary warrior of The Subworld dimension. After a mad scientist from Earth named Professor Krench created a portal to the Subworld he enslaved its inhabitants by creating an alliance with a faction of Subworld soldiers of fortune. With Krench's plans threatening to lead to inter-dimensional conquest, the Subworld Hunter travels between Earth and the Subworld dimension to destroy his corrupted homeworld and put an end to Krench's tyranny.

External Links Edit

  1. The Subworld Hunter Demo at The Wolfenstein 3D Dome
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