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Super Haven Mapset is a community project organized by Dark_Wizzie and involving various members of the Wolf3D Haven community. Initiated early in 2007, over several years it expanded into a full 6-episode, 60-map replacement. Also includes minor coding changes and a new title screen by Mr. Choi. Ten different mappers participated, some contributing up to 20 levels.

Map credits[]

Episode 1: The Blastin' Fortress[]

Map number Map name Map author
1 Meldar's Maze Dark_Wizzie
2 Round n' About Dark_Wizzie
3 Bastille ack
4 Sewers Dark_Wizzie
5 Boundary ack
6 Cell Block Jayngo
7 Target Practice! Dark_Wizzie
8 Nazi Base Dark_Wizzie
9 Deja Vu jpb6891
10 Very Hidden Dark_Wizzie

Episode 2: Mutant Knowledge[]

Map number Map name Map author
1 Get It On! Schabbs
2 Fortress Ack
3 Patience Dr. Chainsaw, Dark_Wizzie
4 Underground Dark_Wizzie
5 Codename Grey Valts
6 Hidden Vault Dark_Wizzie
7 Elevator Crash Dark_Wizzie
8 Heft Ack
9 The Boss Schabbs
10 House of FUN!!! Dark_Wizzie

Episode 3: Sewer Unrest[]

Map number Map name Map author
1 Loss Valts
2 Murgatroyd ack
3 Run Around ack
4 Secret Love Schabbs
5 Startin' Over Schabbs
6 Stayin' Alive Schabbs
7 Almost There Dark Wizzie
8 Storage Dark Wizzie
9 Sewers Revisited Dark Wizzie, Schabbs
10 Blue Skies Schabbs

Episode 4: Undieing[]

Map number Map name Map author
1 Undieing Dark Wizzie
2 Blue Velvet Schabbs
3 Double X ack
4 Marsh Grotto Dark Wizzie
5 Colonnade Dark Wizzie
6 Return WLHack
7 Red House Schabbs
8 Bits and Pieces Schabbs
9 Stormy Schabbs
10 Night Fever Schabbs

Episode 5: Route of All Evil[]

Map number Map name Map author
1 Alloy Dark Wizzie
2 Desolated Dark Wizzie
3 Red Red Wine Schabbs
4 Patch It Up Thomas
5 Tragedy Schabbs
6 Brown Sugar Thomas
7 Incense and Peppermints ack
8 Path Finding WLHack
9 Lebkuchenhaus Havoc
10 Crossfire Schabbs

Episode 6: Confrontation[]

Map number Map name Map author
1 The Start Thomas
2 Blue Morning ack
3 Front Door Thomas
4 The Cooler WLHack
5 Wooden Heart Schabbs
6 Mystery Valts
7 Harmony Thomas
8 Brownstone Shuffle Thomas
9 Showdown WLHack
10 Final Secret Schabbs

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