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Super Wolfensstein HD is a short freeware game made by Free Lives on the Unity engine in roughly 72 hours for the November 2014 Indies vs Pewdiepie Game Jam.

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It seeks to recreate Wolfenstein 3D with "realistic physics." This idea is manifested through enemy movements and aiming being physics-based, the knife being a thrown physics object, and walls and some scenery being destructible. The results are often quite humorous, with guards tripping over their own feet and firing with wild abandon into the scenery in a mad attempt to catch the player. There are also some emergent strategies, as well, with the player being able to utilize destructible walls to ambush enemies and use enemies' sloppy tactics to cause chaos.

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Super Wolfensstein HD consists of 5 shorts levels, each ending with the player descending a staircase into darkness (as opposed to using an elevator like in Wolfenstein 3D). Throughout, the player relies on finding throwing knives or handgun bullets to combat enemies (who do not drop ammo). Halfway through the game the player finds a shovel, the only melee weapon and the only weapon which cannot be depleted.

Brownshirt guards and dogs guard the levels, but generally are of little threat due to their drunken, stumbling behavior. In the penultimate level there is a guard clad in white with dual pistols who takes considerably more punishment than the normal guards acting as a sort of miniboss. In the final level there is a heavily armored guard with dual chainguns reminiscent of Hans Grosse who acts as a boss.

By breaking through walls the player can also find hidden stashes of ammo and health or create vantage points to attack enemies from.

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  • See also Voxelstein 3D, another short re-imagining of Wolfenstein 3D with a focus on physics and destructible scenery

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