Switch 17 (sometimes stylized as Switch Seventeen) is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Dugtrio17. It was released on January 5, 2006 via ModDB and on January 19, 2006 on the Wolfenstein 3D Dome.

Though no new maps are featured, new music appears in addition to impressive coding changes featuring all sorts of weapons, many of which had not been used before the release of this mod.


The player hurls a rocket towards a guard in the Explosives selection

When selecting an episode, the player can select eight different sets of weapons; each features a different selection and these are titled Classic, Go4it, Rayguns, Mind Powers, Explosives, Uberpowered, Wizardry and Fireworks.

Once a set of weapons have been chosen, the player can also choose between playing in Normal or Arcade mode.

Trivia Edit

When played on April 1, the mod also features gags related to April fools.

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