Tankstein is a Wolfenstein 3D mod offering modified graphics, sounds and a full 60-map replacement, released in May 2000 by brothers (?) Paul C. and Peter C. Built over the course of three months using a variety of editing tools, it's a mod focusing on the eponymous tanks, pitting the player against armoured vehicles in a variety of environments.

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  • 1: Tank
  • 2: Winter
  • 3: Afrika
  • 4: Night
  • 5: Labyrinth
  • 6: Tankfinal

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While the readme file advertises Tankstein as featuring "flying birds", no such feature has been conclusively identified within the game. There are, however, bat-like creatures (Pacman Ghost replacements) hovering in the air.

A sequel tentatively called Tankstein II was announced for summer 2000, but never released.

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