TriplaK (previously known as kkk911xd and TheKKKNo2) is an independent Hungarian Wolfenstein 3D modder. He also runs his own YouTube channel with contents not entirely centered around his mods and Wolf3D, but rather all kinds of videos.

His first public Mod "Wolfenstein 3D New Maps Mod" was released in early 2012 at his own website. TriplaK would later do more source code editing involved mods, such as Crash of the World 1 (2012) and 2 (2013) as well as short, "experiment" mods such as Operation: Beyond War (2012). These mods often contains borrowed content from other mods, games and websites, notably the graphics.

TriplaK was mostly active in the modding scheme between the years 2012-2014, releasing 9 mods (with a colaboration one) during that timespan. Nowadays he's only a seasonal modder, his latest mod "Wolfenstein: Total Chaos part 1" being released in December of 2017. Two sequels, part 2 and part 3 of the same mod was also planned and is in the works, although release dates are not yet specified.

His website (in Hungarian language) containing all of his released mods among other projects made by him can be visited here.

His YouTube channel featuring a few videos of his own mods and contributions can be seen here.

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