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The Adventure of Himmler SS is a Wolfenstein 3D mod made by Officer-Michael John. Released in late 2015, it features 38 new levels, new coding features as well as textures, sprites and sounds.


Germany, 1956--Are you tired of Blazkowicz as John is already in the from nazi. We are able to move on and say: Dear Officer partner! I go to a lot of you. Therefore, I join you and BJ was quitting. I think this is the thing you are not angry. Report to Hitler and then John Blazkowicz emerged from the nazi. Good Bye!"

"Hitler Sir!" "Yes, please what do you want?" "The problem is that John has left us!" "What?! You have to kill the traitor! Everyone has to report that John must kill!" Meanwhile, you're not even guess to see what happens. But later you came from his former comrades and this has been communicated to you: "If you're not going to come back to us, then we kill BJ! Good Bye John!"

You are nervous and this decide this site: "If you do this you will get revenge I will stand upon you. Life and also I will avenge his blood my death you!" Meanwhile, leaders of the Nazis: Hitler, Himmler and Schwartzensturm gathered to guess how am I supposed to kill BJ's team has been drawn up. May not be able to succeed in the vengeance? So that Good luck John officer!


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