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The Big Fight Beginning is a Wolfenstein 3D mod released October 30, 2018 by Officer-Michael John. The mod promises twenty new levels, multiple coding features and new audiovisuals, however because it appears to invariably crash right after starting the game and leaving the first area, yours truly was unable to verify these claims or even take any screenshots. The package contains source code.

Version history[]

A beta version was released on New Year's of 2017. Comparing both shows that most game files were modified in the meantime. Some maps weren't in place yet and vanilla ones still weren't removed.

Two patches were subsequently released, further modifying maps and the executable, however they don't come with any documentation and anything said on ModDB has since been deleted.


1956. october 23. They were bored by the Germans in defeat. Invented to help the Russians come to power. But the OSS call BJ was that something was wrong. Can BJ, something that the enemies are planned again. So it goes and prevents the further implementation plan. Good Luck BJ!


  • Mario brothers (Mario Maniac and Mega Luigi):Inspiration,graphic,sound
  • -AlumiuN:Code helps
  • -ID Software:Source code,Wolf and SOD data files...
  • -Apogee Software:Some Blake Stone music
  • -WSJ:Graphics,sounds,musics
  • -Other modders:Graphics,sounds,musics,code helps

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