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The Bitter End is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Thomas Weiling. It was released on April 20, 2008.

Work on the mod commenced during a creative lull in the fall of 2007, as NovoWolf took the backseat due to an unforeseen coding error that halted the process. Eager to return to classic mapping, Thomas made levels 1 & 2 in quick succession, a return to the styles of All This & Wolf 3D where levels were quite extensive and very large. 10 levels are featured all in all, though only 8 of them were brand new; one level is from Castle Assault (level 4) and the other is from All This & Wolf 3D (level 9).

The story is loosely based on Episode 3, as Hitler is the boss of the mod. The mod's original title was Fahnflucht, though this was later changed.

Other than a Commander Keen Easter egg, all graphics remain unchanged. Coding changes include increased static objects/guards with the majority of the levels taking this very much into account. Though only 10 levels are featured, seamless level flow is featured. Coding changes were courtesy of Dean Horton.

Levels were constructed from late 2007 through early Spring 2008, with plenty of breaks in between. During one of these breaks, Thomas and Dean considered making a Spear of Destiny map set using aliases, in the same manner that The Alliance of Powers was made. This idea was quickly abandoned, however.

Shortly after finishing the mod, Thomas started another project in a similar vein, W.O.L.F. Though still in the pipeline, NovoWolf was on a hiatus that continued until late 2009.

It was ported to SDL and released on May 13, 2013.

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