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The Final Fight 2 was a project for Wolfenstein 3D, made by James Shain. Intended as a sequel to 2007's The Final Fight, the mod was announced in March 2008 and included a host of contributors (Ack, Schabbs, Valts, Megabyte, Codetech84, Fireboy224, Serpens), most notably Raziel.

A handful of screenshots were posted over time, and both music as well as the storyline to the mod was released on the Wolfenstein 3D Dome throughout 2008.

Apart from a small number of updates in 2011, little progress have been made on the project in subsequent years. In 2014, Shain made it clear that 10 levels were made, and though he intended to reboot the project with screenshots to come in 2016, no news were heard on the project again.

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