The Golden Parrot is a mod for Spear of Destiny, made by Fraggeur. It was released on March 31, 2019.

Initially announced in May 2015, with a number of screenshots posted, the mod was highly anticipated before its spring 2019 release.

A rarity in Wolfenstein modding, the mod takes place in a world of pirates, parrots, plenty of gold and cutlasses included in the weaponry.

Many coding changes are featured, and these include textured floors and ceilings, some of which are animated and featuring flowing water. Many new weapons are also featured, including the aforementioned golden parrot which seemingly has a supernatural power of sorts.

18 levels are featured, and new music figures heavily in the soundtrack. Together with the sounds, these files are separate from the game files, taking up quite a bit of disk space when compare to standard Wolfenstein mods.

A patch was released in September 2019 which cleared up some issues. Fraggeur has hinted that a sequel may be released in the future.

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