The Hunt for von Hauer is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Serpens. It was released on August 18, 2008.

The mod includes five new maps along some minor coding and visual changes. The storyline is borderline nonexistent and involves the player going after Alndon von Hauer and his army of mutants hidden away in a bunker. See below for a few more details on the story and the overall idea behind the mod.


  • Megabyte - for creating the sprites of Alndon von Hauer, playtesting my maps and providing par times. This was a lot of help!
  • ronwolf1705 - for making the exe file, which I'd never be able to do myself. Thanks!
  • Giorgio - I took the new walls from his set of excellent textures.
  • Nexion - for being present when the idea of this mod came to me. If I remember correctly, that is.
  • Schabbs - for putting this on the Dome (I hope).
  • Everyone else - just in case.
  • Spiders living in my house - for being an inspiration and scaring me regularly.

Author's Editorial

Unbeknownst to most people, The Hunt for von Hauer was actually a political mod. It never spawned much controversy (see Trump Tower 3D) because I never really talked much about its nature, and besides, no one outside of Poland really knew anything about Donald Tusk. The mod idea and idea itself came to me in a rather sudden manner during a casual discussion on the Wolf3D Haven chat. Megabyte and Nexion were definitely part of the conversation, probably alongside some other people I no longer remember. This may well be an example of the first and last mod made largely on the chat of a Wolfenstein website (Discord doesn't count). And as for the mod itself, the changes are largely inconsequential and the maps - unremarkable (aside from the boss one). This mod gets a big "meh", though I've done worse.

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