The Iron Dream is a mod made by Thomas Weiling for registered Wolfenstein.

Made at a time where Thomas assisted in the beta testing in The Golden Episodes SDL port, he himself felt enticed to make a mod with the same layout in terms of graphics, music and pace.

The result was 8 original levels which were then filled out with some of the surviving maps from the failed Wolf Overkill project, here being some of the maps made in 2009 which serves little purpose in a fast-paced mod. Other maps were culled from the Spearfishwolfbones map set.

The Iron Dream's initial idea lived on in Victory of Faith, a mod which Thomas started only in late 2013, which carried on the themes of a souped-up take on original Wolfenstein very much inspired by Ariel, Executor and Zach Higgins. This also saw the insertion of the 8 original levels made for The Iron Dream.

The mod was withdrawn after a while, and the levels were later reused in Victory of Faith. It was released in SDL only.

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