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The Legacy of Kevin Cartosa is a Spear of Destiny mod by Rocketboy680 released on April 8th 2004 on the Wolfenstein 3D Dome[1]. It is succeeded by the July 2004 sequel Cartosa Lives!


After the events of Wolfenstein 3D, BJ inexplicably became aware of a militaristic megalomaniac known as General Kevin Cartosa. Cartosa's schemes for world domination involved using a cabal of former Nazis, scientists, and occultists to create an unstoppable attack force on a massive hidden island hideout. Thanks to Cartosa's ability to stay hidden and the grandiosity of his plans BJ's attempts to warn the Allied forces about Cartosa resulted in his confinement in an insane asylum.

After breaking out of the asylum and chartering a boat to Cartosa's island hideout BJ begins infiltrating the operation to assassinate General Cartosa himself.



  • Rocketboy released the sprite edits he used to create his bosses on Monkee's Image World[2].
  • Rocketboy created this mod at age 12.

Author Editorial[]

I created this mod at the end of my time in grade school after having created several small mods which I would burn to discs to give to my friends after class.

At the time, my mods were created with less emphasis on consistent stories or themes and more on what graphic edits I had recently made and how I could fit them all together.  Having created the sprite for Cartosa (named after another kid I had known at school) by editing a Doom 2 enemy independently and submitting it to Monkee's Image World, I created other character graphics which mimicked the simple edits which I felt made the Cartosa sprites so effective (to lesser effect).  By the point that I had a full mod's worth of sprites to work with, I set to work creating a mod that I would submit to the Dome using Spear of Dstiny as the base because it would take fewer levels and wouldn't require me to change episode names.

The mod also used plenty of very shamelessly ripped off sprites and wall textures from various WSJ and ISJ mods as well as Spiffaraneous's Astrostein and Spear Resurrection.

External Links[]

  1. Download The Legacy of Kevin Cartosa at The Wolfenstein 3D Vault.
  2. General Cartosa, Colonel Deathtroop, the Mega Officer, and Professor Maisa at Monkee's Image World