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The New Evil is the twenty-third mod by John Bucksnort. It was released on July 1, 2001.

Initially a revamp of Evil in Iron featuring extra levels and new graphics/sounds, it nevertheless featured some of the last levels Bucksnort would ever make. The 21 levels are played in a custom EXE based on registered Wolfenstein. This is despite the fact that Spear of Destiny figures on the title screen.

The original Evil in Iron's level 5 was made by Paul Gibson. As with all 9 levels from that set, this is also featured. Ken O'Brien contributed level 11, and level 15 was culled from Brian Lowe's Wolfbel 2.

The Read Me lists level 19 as being inspired by Randall Penn. His only known set, 1994's Operation: Overkill does not contain any map reminiscent of this, though.

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