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The Nexperiment (subtitled Wolf3D Overhowled) is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Nexion. It was released on October 21, 2023.


Maps, music, sounds and graphics have not been changed. As such, the EXE can be played with any registered Wolfenstein v1.4 mod that is devoid of coding changes. The visual hacks can look off in a modified VSWAP. The mod consists only of an EXE which incorporates surreal renderings of guards and graphics.

The scope has been changed from running fast and getting keys to be all about size and weight. The bigger the enemies, the slower they walk; the smaller the enemies, the faster they walk, and so on. Enemies can be anything between the size of a peanut and the size of somebody who has eaten nothing but peanuts his whole life.

It features a wide variety of new weapons, which can be upgraded and leveled up, and power-ups. The player can unlock a shrink ray, a wall crusher and an enemy expander among others. One of the new items shrinks B.J. to the size of a rat and lets him hide under tables.

A handful of options are for modders should they feel compelled to make a set for it. The object limit is raised to 3000 while the enemy limit is capped at 8000, making it suitable for slaughter maps.

Gameplay can be quite difficult as the surreal experience may overpower the player's ability to stock up on health and ammo and keep tabs on status.

Darkspace 3D[]

Launching the Nexperiment with "--42" as a command-line parameter lets the player launch the standalone space shooter game - Darkspace 3D.

Gameplay and movement physics are heavily altered and the player shoots waves of aliens in a highscore mode. The center of the area consists of a star that over time turns into a black hole which then alters the trajectory of nearby objects and sucks everything in, including the player.

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