The Old Relics is a Wolfenstein 3D mod created by Officer-Michael John and TheKKKNo2. Strongly rooted in the works of Mario Maniac and his brother Mega Luigi, the final version was released in November 2018, preceded by at least two betas in the year before. Includes source code. Sadly, yours truly was unable to get the mod to work properly, always suffering the same crash right at the start, therefore the documentation is by necessity incomplete.

Because of the above issues and somewhat confusing numbering, version history remains unclear, but a cursory examination of game files indicates minor changes between releases. Most of the archive size is taken up by music in .ogg format.

Two later, undocumented patches consist of new executables.

Story[edit | edit source]

July 3. 1968.

BJ grabbed the X-disease virus and feels that it will die. Therefore, the warrant officer summon Robert English and say to him:

Robert my warrant officer! I can not go to fight against the Germans. I have heard that a few remaining German soldiers and scientists and Grosse brothers (Hans and Jens). They want to justify its dead. Between him to Hitler.

Your goal should be to prevent this thing. Good luck Robert English! Meanwhile, his cousin Robin tells him:

Robert hurry up and get out quickly the antidote. It can save you a BJ's life!

Credits[edit | edit source]

  • AlumiuN:Advanced Sound Manager (This is work goodly on v1.7 too.),code helps
  • - Chris Chokan:Code helps
  • - Areyep:Graphics
  • - Ripper:Wolf4SDL
  • - ID Software:Wolf 3D (My favourite and others' game),source code and Wolf 3D/Spear of Destiny Doom's data files (Graphics,sounds,musics)
  • - DoomJedi:Graphics

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