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A MacWolf Scenario by Clubey, this mod features 20 new levels, new graphics and more.


In early 1945, just before the long lasted haze of the Second World War came to an abrupt end, Hitler and his chief commanders finally realised that their Third Reich had not yet cultured itself sufficiently enough to sustain their ill-fated aspirations through years of destruction and chaos. Their common feeling of mortification and vexation were hardly less than they could bear.In a state of frustration and despair, what passed through the Fuehrer's mind was the thought, "Only if we could've wholely apprehended the true nature of the Spear !" Even through his mindless obessesion towards the long, mysterious tradition of occultism, he and his followers could not reveal the hidden powers of the Spear which pierced the Lord on the day of His Crucifixtion.Immediately after the Nazi annexation of Austria, Hitler had commanded his officers to take hold of the "Spear of Destiny", also called the "Spear of Longinus", resting in the Hapsburg Treasury at Hofsburg Palace in Vienna. Through his devotion to demonic cults, Hitler and his group managed to partially reveal the mystic powers the Spear hid within.However, the Nazi ambition was way too much for so little they had revealed. Having not yet grasped the true nature of the Spear of Longinus, Hitler had no choice but to be defeated before fulfilling the destiny of his Third Reich.Before choosing to die in his bunker, Hitler leaves orders to preserve his last chances to take hold of the destiny of the world. Preparing for the reincarnation of his soul, he decides to hide the Spear until the time comes for his next arrival. He gives out his words to his most close comrades, the Longinus Thirteen.The mission, the very last one given out by Hitler himself, was to carry the Spear of Destiny to Antartica, and safely hide it until the day of the Anti-Christ's resurrection. The Longinus Thirteen was assembled precisely to perform this last mission. They were to replace the real Spear with a well-forged replica, and hide the true Spear deep beneath the eternal snows of the southernmost continent.Your mission is to find the ancient monastery where the true Spear is being kept and retrieve the Spear before it's too late. We have learnt through espionage that the monastery is connected only by the ancient catacombs leading somewhere from the depths of the notorious Castle Wolfenstein.This task is yours, B.J., for you are the only one to have survived the dungeons of Castle Wolfenstein. The task will not be easy, and we are running out of time. The destiny of the World rests heavily on your shoulders. Good Luck!


In 2020 The Spear of Longinus was ported using MacenWolf to be available on Windows computers.


Download Spear of Longinusfrom Wayback Machine

Alternative Download(in MacBin format for loading in ECWolf) - courtesy of Sigma64

Download Spear of Longinus (MacenWolf) from ModDB