Arriving on the modding scene in mid-2004 as Togo, then Possum Trot, Thomas is a very prolific mapper and modder.

Has released approximately a billion Wolfenstein maps, but none of them have any ammo.

Full list of released Wolfenstein/Spear of Destiny mods Edit

Unreleased mods (Lost or morphed into other mods) Edit

  • Kill the Gezis (September/October 2004) - envisioned as a TC using all-new graphics, taking place in an alternate WWII universe created by Thomas, who had written stories taking place in this universe as a pre-teen. Canceled October 9, 2004 in favor of Abandon. An extensive manual was sent to Brian Lowe, but this was never originally uploaded on the Dome
  • Untitled map set (October 2004) - for Spear of Destiny
  • Hitler's Evolution (November 2004) - announced as a collaboration with his brother, but was actually a solo project
  • Abandon SE (December 2004/January 2005) - in collaboration with Conner94 as a reciprocation for allegedly slamming him in Abandon's manual. Some graphics were made but Conner94 left the project briefly after. Deathshead (Zombie_Plan) was also involved for a brief period of time
  • Uber Deutschland (January 2005) - inspired by WSJ; also featured coding Thomas did on his own
  • Projekt: Amerika (February 2005) - later evolved into Secrets of Offenbach
  • Giftkrieg (February 2005) - later evolved into Secrets of Offenbach
  • Operation: Cobra (February 2005) - envisioned as a map set for Operation: Letzterschutz
  • Operation: Panzerschiff II (March 2005) - envisioned as a map set for Operation Panzerschiff
  • Tod (April 2005) - envisioned as a Spear of Destiny map set
  • SD (Summer 2005) - graphics-only set, inspired by The Simpsons
  • Operation: Hellhound (Summer 2005) - inspired by DOOM and the Angel of Death
  • The Battle Rages On (August/September 2005) - a Lost Episodes-style set
  • Abandon III (January 2006) - very much inspired by Laz Rojas, this lasted for a day or two before being cancelled. Levels either morphed into early ATAW levels or were deleted altogether. Not to be confused with the actual Abandon III which came out in late 2013
  • Eagle's Nest (Summer 2006) - ideas-only stage, taking place in the final stages of WWII where the final boss was Hermann Göring; inspired by Thomas' then-recent first visit to Germany and Austria
  • LabWolf (Mid-2007) - a mod which was only to feature laboratory levels. Graphics were culled and a test map was made, deleted soon after
  • Graebengraeber (Mid-2009) - envisioned as a Totengraeber map set in conjunction with its 10th anniversary. Test map was made, deleted soon after
  • Wolfenstein Overdrive (December 2009/January 2010) - should not be confused with Wolf Overdrive. This was an attempted map set containing all graphics and sounds from Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny, with a functional 150 levels long EXE. 12 levels made, all now lost
  • TomWolf (Summer 2011) - map set for Wolfenstein 3D. 7 levels made, all now lost
  • The Old Testament (Spring 2012) - envisioned as a .WL3 map set; later became Thomas' Wolfenstein 3D
  • Luger Me Now (June 2013) - envisioned as a pistol-only type mod. 1 level made, later used in Victory of Faith
  • Untitled mod (2016) - envisioned as a graphics-oriented set featuring gags and silly graphics. Most graphics were used in Frantic Passages
  • Tech or TEK (2017/2018) - envisioned as a mod taking place in a 1990's software/dot-com bubble environment featuring Vaporwave music and all-new graphics and sounds
  • Debunking the Myth (2019) - a Totengraeber pastiche

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After taking a stab at DOOM, which he found too scary and volatile, Thomas first played Wolfenstein 3D in November 1999. This was the shareware version. Sometime in the spring of 2001 he acquired the full version and would play this vigorously until discovering mods and the Dome in July 2003. His very first discovery of any Wolfenstein 3D modification was Kenny Roels' website which featured a host of his own mods in addition to numerous highlights released up until that time.

Aware of its demo version, he never played the full version of Spear of Destiny until well after having played numerous mods. Not having grown up with Spear of Destiny also affected his preferences, with only very few of his mods being based on that game.

Between September 2004 and February 2005, Thomas made all his mods on his younger brother's Windows 98. This computer was not able to play digitized sounds or music. Only after getting VDMSound in December 2005 did Thomas get to hear digitized sounds and music again, and this affected the choice of music in future mods.

From February 2005 on, Thomas made all his mods on his own computer, which ran Windows XP up to and including W.O.L.F.. From Endlösung and onward, he would use Windows Vista, then Windows 7.

Havoc introduced Thomas to SDL in the summer of 2009 with the initiation of the Wolf Overkill project. Ever since, Thomas has been a proponent of SDL and has used it in his mods exclusively.

Binning FloEdit in early 2005, Thomas started using ChaosEdit for adding graphics, sticking with that editor ever since, and has exclusively used MapEdit since 2004. Since 2012 he has used Merthsoft's Re-Coloring Tool for textures and sprites as well.

Hopelessly anchored in the past, he sometimes beefs up himself to use WDC only to be left crying.

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