Wolfenstein 3D Wiki

Aka eksy aka tons of other names working on the ever evolving mod with 1000 names. The mega project is supposedly inspired by the art style of Team Fortress 2 [1]. It comes and goes like the four seasons since December 2011 and has gone through almost every Wolf3D port (DOS, Newwolf, Wolf4SDL, ECWolf). Claims like incoming death threats, complaints, bad assets, future Steam Greenlight edition and other other things have been made as reasons for the multiple removals and releases.

In the beginning the mod itself was partially an idea to make a commercially viable game like a match 3 in flash web game style, after it was given consideration of lack of skills in flash coding a mod type of project was more feasible and work was done mostly from January 2011 to March, after a short break most of it was finished by November/December 2011, at that point mod was mostly patched with small updates and it was evident it was lack of content that stalled the project, mostly due to lack of positive creative feedback and due to lack of public interest it was decided to not work as much on it anymore, although creatively speaking it was lack of new ideas after major push to release it in December 2011 failed and as a result of lack of any commercial success it was decided not to pursue the project as much as before.

Wolfenstein 3D mods[]

  • Replicator H51[2], Undecided holiday themed project[3]