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Tom A. Hall (born September 2, 1964) is a game designer known for being a founding member of id Software. He was the creative director at the time Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny were developed, being responsible for many of the story elements, character designs, and maps.

Hall was also majorly responsible for id classics Commander Keen and Doom. Prior to id Hall worked at SoftDisk where he worked on Catacomb with fellow id founder John Carmack.

After Wolfenstein, Hall dedicated himself to plotting out the future of Doom as an immersive science fiction space opera with deep story and a large cast of characters, for which he was ultimately ousted from the company so Doom could become a game solely about shooting demons.

Following this, Hall worked on games at several other companies. Among which was the game Rise of the Triad, which he worked on with Wolfenstein 3D publisher Apogee. ROTT was originally planned as a follow-up for Wolfenstein 3D, but this ultimately fell through and Rise of the Triad became its own game with its own dedicated cult following.

Tom Hall is also responsible for one of the most iconic characters in gaming, The Dopefish.

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