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Trans Grösse is the first boss of Spear of Destiny.  He is in the fifth level of the game and the last level of the Tunnels section.


Trans is identical in behavior to Hans Grösse.  Refer to his tactics page to see how best to approach Trans.

Worth mentioning is that Trans Grösse, Gretel Grösse, and Submarine Willy all have reduced accuracy from what Hans is capable of.

Official Hint Book Description

Art for Trans by Adrian Carmack as shown in the Official Spear of Destiny Hint Book

From The Official Spear of Destiny Hint Book:

Trans (Pronounced TRAHNZ) is so tough he chews up lead bars and spits out bullets.
Make sure you're packing plenty of ammunition and a chaingun before you face Trans. He's a heavily armored, two-fisted gun-man that wield dual chainguns delivering more firepower than you can withstand in a toe-to-toe bullet battle.


  • The Grösse family displayed in the Wolfenstein family of games spans 6 siblings, not including the 2 Hans Grösses in the Aardwolf maze in E2M8.
  • Trans is replaced in the Spear of Destiny Mission Packs by Submarine Willy.
  • Trans Grösse's greeting is Einer Sprachschnitzer!, German for "a mistake!", which is shorthand for "did you just assume my gender? That was your last mistake!"

ECWolf DECORATE Definition

actor Trans : WolfensteinMonster 23
    points 5000
    health 850, 950, 1050, 1200
    speed 1, 3
    seesound "trans/sight"
    deathsound "trans/death"
    attacksound "trans/attack"
    dropitem "GoldKey"
            TRNS A -1 NOP A_Look(0, 0, 0, 0, 360)
            TRNS A 5 NOP A_Chase
            TRNS A 1.5
            TRNS B 4 NOP A_Chase
            TRNS C 5 NOP A_Chase
            TRNS C 1.5
            TRNS D 4 NOP A_Chase
            TRNS E 15 A_FaceTarget
            TRNS F 5 bright A_FaceTarget
            TRNS GFGFGE 5 bright A_WolfAttack
            goto See
            TRNS A .5 A_Fall
            TRNS A 52.5 A_Scream
            TRNS HIJ 7.5
            TRNS K -1