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Trench Warfare is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by The Josh. It was released on November 24, 2005 and proved to be a groundbreaking piece of work which was highly anticipated.

Screenshot from the June 2003 announcement

Final version

The mod was announced in early 2003, and from the get-go it proved to be quite popular, due to its many new features, most of which had not been in a Wolfenstein mod at the time. Together with End of Destiny, the mod was tied as being among the most anticipated Wolfenstein mods of all time.

Updates were posted frequently on the mod's dedicated website.

The mod features 14 levels and plays as a modern shooter game, with many outside levels, and realistic weather effects and a parallax skyline, the first such to feature in a released Wolfenstein mod.

The player will also be able to drive a jeep, and will battle enemy tanks and various enemies with all sorts of weapons. Tanks can only be destroyed with the aid of a missile launcher.

Other new features include barbwire, and the fact that the player can disguise himself as an enemy and not get caught. The status bar has also been greatly edited, and between its announcement and its release two and a half years later, the mod changed layout a number of times.

Though in some respects more feature-heavy than End of Destiny (albeit in a different way), the mod was released to cheers but longevity proved hard; in some instances, some put it down to the fact that mapping is sometimes inadequate or repetitious, while some feel the mod suffers from overkill of new features and graphics.

Nonetheless, the mod still stands as a pioneering piece of work for its time, very much in the vein of games that The Josh were playing at the time, including Call of Duty and Medal of Honor.

The many new graphics were mostly made from scratch, with some not making it in the final version. These were released on their own, free to use in 2004.

The mod was never attempted ported to SDL and is still only available in DOS.

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