Also known as Richard Kelly, Tricob has created maps, wall images, sprites, mods, and TC's for Wolfenstein 3D. He has also posted numerous source code tutorials and composed his own music for the game. His original musical creations to the Wolf3D universe are "Only One Survives", "There's Trouble Ahead", and "Into the Fire". All three tunes can be heard in the newest version of WolfDX and the newest versions of the Map of the Month mod. There is also "Waiting and Wondering" that appeared in the DieHard Wolfers TC and "Take to the City" that appeared in the Munchkins demo (in the main menu). Team RayCast has used his tune "Revolt" in at least one of their Operation Eisenfaust: Legacy mods. The remaining music he has submitted is Midi-to-IMF conversions of Midi files from the Internet.

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