Trump Tower 3D was a controversial Wolfenstein 3D political satire graphics replacement mod by Dunkelschwamm.  The mod replaced every reference to Nazis with then United States presidential candidate Donald Trump.

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Dunkelschwamm described the intent of the mod as a kind of parody of political satire comics which always compare political figures to Hitler or Nazis in the most cartoonish way possible. Dunkelschwamm figured the best way to hyperbolically mimic this is to insert a political figure into the most cartoonish depiction of Nazis ever, which he deemed to be Wolfenstein 3D. While Dunkelschwamm admits that while he did want to draw attention to statements made by Donald Trump of which he was critical, he did not think that a Wolfenstein mod was an appropriate medium for political discourse.

Dunkelschwamm also wanted to press very hard that the mod was not intended to be a Donald Trump shooting simulator. The mod was loaded with disclaimers that Dunkelschwamm does not condone any kind of violence at all and that the mod was meant as a lighthearted joke. To also ensure that the mod would not be construed as a Donald Trump shooting simulator Dunkel was careful to make sure any screenshots or videos he produced to promote the mod would not show the player firing a single shot but instead allowing the enemies to attack with impunity.

Removal of Mod Edit

Very shortly after Dunkelschwamm released the mod he began receiving disturbing comments and emails to his professional email account. Among these emails were claims that the mod was acting as wish fulfillment for people eager to shoot conservatives and other emails making death threats against Dunkelschwamm himself.

In light of these comments Dunkelschwamm felt that perhaps the content of the mod had gone too far and decided to remove all download links and take down the Trump Tower 3D Moddb page altogether.

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