Uber Deutschland was one of many abandoned projects made by Thomas Weiling (then known as Possum Trot). Initially announced on December 23, 2004, its genesis coexisted with the making of another mod, Project Wolfgeist, but for a brief period, Uber Deutschland took first priority. On January 13, 2005, two screenshots were uploaded to the Dome news. This also mentioned that the game would contain 60 levels.

No EXE was ever made for the mod, but Thomas would experiment with coding briefly around this time. Kyle Albert was asked to provide an EXE but turned the offer down, citing exhaustion and disappointment due to the failings of Project Wolfgeist as the cause.

The mod utilized the then-new Heer Pack Sprites by WSJ, and featured numerous other Lost Episodes-style graphics and wall patches. Inspiration was also found in Operation Panzerschiff and Schabbs 2000.

After announcing the cancellation of this mod on January 31, 2005, Thomas quickly turned his attention to the then-nascent Secrets of Offenbach.

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