Ultimate Wolfenstein is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Titus II. It was released on October 10, 1999 but had been completed one month before; Brian Lowe beta tested the mod in collaboration with Florian Stöhr, Nate Smith and a handful of other early modders.

The mod was an early mod with notable modifications to the source code, including increased ammo (150), changed episode names and ceiling colors.

Sprites, textures and sounds were also culled from the Lost Episodes and Blake Stone. 50 levels are featured, with 10 levels on all episodes except episodes 4 and 6 which feature 5 levels each.

Some sprites and textures were originals; the blue uniformed guard (courtesy of Nate Smith) was now wielding a chaingun.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

After B.J Caprured Spear of Destiny a mighty computer-system, called the SpearSystem  in castle Hollehammer was activated. That System re-created all the Nazi bosses that B.J. had destroyed. Hans Grosse Schabbs,Professor Quarkblitz, Hitler and Hans von Scholl. Only Otto Giftmacher wasn't recoverable. So he was replaced with the Supermutant (that was Schabbs's idea) and there is only one step to the rising of worldwar three. Now they are training in an old castle almost ready to rule the world. Well alliance informes B.J. and he's back in the action with the nazis on CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN.

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