Untergehende Traum was a community effort for registered Wolfenstein that was never brought to fruition. On January 22, 2001, news of the project were posted on the Dome, but this remains the only mention of the project.

At its peak of interest, 9 members were aboard the project, including Parafriction, AReyeP, Leo Bourbeau and Ian Franken. Other members were also partaking, though most left the scene around this time; Eric Vaughn, Kenny Riley, Chad, Scott Croneberger and Sam Chiang.

Screenshots were posted on the Dome, but a beta or a demo was never released. Parafriction dubbed it the first real Wolfenstein 3D group project. Some of the graphics used would surface years later in Revival of Memories, which was a joint effort between Parafriction and Brian Lowe.

Untergehende Traum was supposed to be a TC with 20 levels, and attempted to be a more realistic take on the atmosphere from original Wolfenstein 3D. An extensive storyline was also posted.

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