Set Y in the Wolfmaster map pack was made by Steve Barber and Brandon Kraus. Though a Read Me is featured, the set is not named.

The set features 5 new levels for Episode 1, though one of these expands upon the original opening level.

Brandon Kraus is responsible for level 4, which is an obvious first effort, but Barber's mapping uses layout and detail, especially in level 5, that predates the work of Gary Ragland and BJ Rowan in adding extensively detailed mutant-based areas featuring a dynamic smattering of blood, gibs and skeletons.

Though secret areas are vital to completing some of the levels, Barber stated in the Read Me:

All secret doors are clearly marked because I HATE to slide down every wall to find those pesky things (I guess they're not so secret then, eh?). If you happen to run up against any GHOSTS that you find you can't shake, remember, they can be boxed in the room where you found them if you use the PUSHWALLS wisely.

The set was never released outside the Wolfmaster map pack.

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