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Vampire: Heinnemann Returns was a mod that was announced by Wes Desjardins. The announcement was made on January 7, 2004. It was, in theory, the third installment of the Wolfenstein: Resurrection chronicle, and a follow-up sequel to Hell Beneath.

The mod's roots can be traced back to December 2002 when Desjardins announced a new mod by the name of Phoenix Rising. A feature list was included, and the mod was to include 20 seamless levels, new graphics and sounds, with all enemies and weapons being replaced as well.

The mod in its Phoenix Rising stage, January 2003

The mod carried an Egyptian theme. On January 17, 2003 a screenshot was posted which alluded to this idea. The project was cancelled on February 10, 2003 and no news were heard on the project until roughly one year later with the announcement of Vampire: Heinnemann Returns.

The Egyptian theme had been replaced with one of vampires, with the setting now being Romania. The 20 seamless levels were now reduced to 8 levels, and the addition of outside atmosphere also figured in the January 7, 2004 announcement.

No further news were heard on the project, as Desjardins silently left the community during 2004.

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