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Vogelstein 2D is a free mobile game for Android created by Søren Alsbjerg Hørup which is directly inspired by, and in some instances directly recreates, Wolfenstein 3D. The major difference is that instead of a first person shooter, Vogelstein 2D is a top-down isometric shooter.

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The bulk of the game revolves around exploring a level by running through it and blasting enemies away with your various weapons while trying to find the exit. Along the way the player can pick up score items, find bigger guns, and discover secret pushwalls along the way. In this sense, it is very similar to Wolfenstein 3D.

The differences are in how the game is played. The player moves using a digital joystick and firing your weapon autoaims at the nearest target. If the player approaches an enemy up close and fires the player with automatically perform a melee attack instead.

There are 3 episodes, each of which end in a boss battle.

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