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A collection of many mapsets compiled by AstroCreep, all taken from vanilla shareware and registered Wolfenstein 3D mods, created from the years of 1993-2002 or so. No drastic changes have been made, except for a few bug fixes and enemy placement and such. In total there are 122 maps divided between 13 sets. Available with original graphics or in an HD version with graphics from the Mac version.

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Registered Sets

Shareware Sets

Changes from Originals Edit

  • Edited exits, as some caused errors due to the location of the triggers
  • HiRes Textures and Sprites from my Mac GFX Pack, all other sprites from PSTroopers Sprite Fix Pack
  • Edited a few walls, for some reason some of these had unknown wall types, which is odd since none of these had source hacks. The unknown walls would crash the game
  • Added Spear bosses, to add a bit of variety (IDs replace pacman ghosts)
  • Various fixes
  • Cows

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