WVisio2 is a map set for shareware Wolfenstein. Essentially the maps found in The Byterunners' Street Fighter 2, with levels 6 and 7 featuring the Spear of Destiny demo in a Wolfenstein 3D setting, the map set featured a different running order than that found in Street Fighter 2.

Brian Lowe wished for the old 1992 map set w3dvisio to be given more prominence, and it was thus slotted into this release, as it had been unavailable on its own, at least from the Wolfenstein 3D Dome. These levels were featured here for the first time in v1.4, as the original set was made quite early on, and was only available in v1.0.

Brian Lowe and Andy Nonymous patched this set together, incorporating levels from Street Fighter 2 (also dubbed WolfSF2). Brian felt that if some of the graphics from that set were stripped off, the mapping would play out better.

The set is quite difficult due to the heavy presence of bosses.

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Download WVisio2 at The Wolfenstein 3D Vault

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