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Weapons of Vengeance is the fourth mod by Wolf Skevos-Jones (WSJ). Only a demo, it was nevertheless released on July 22, 2003 and was never finished.


As with WSJ's earlier mods, the mod made waves throughout the modding community. A whopping ten new weapons were featured, as were landmines, fire sprites, ambient sounds, a whole new set of guards and impressive new ammo setups.

Improving on Operation: Heimzahlung in terms of aesthetic and scope, the mapping featured a serious and realistic edge, taking place in an actual war zone before entering a large sewer system. Here the demo sadly ends, as the set is only 5 levels long.

The levels were played in an EXE based on registered Wolfenstein. Though some of the original Wolfenstein 3D material remains in place, otherwise unheard of in WSJ mods (e.g. the menu still being dark red), the mod is very much still within the aesthetic of the Spear Mission Packs (Lost Episodes).

Unwanted offspring?[]

Follow-ups were made by Sandy but these bear no relation to this mod as they were never properly acknowledged by WSJ. Another follow-up was also made by Kloki38. Furthermore, many of the mod's resources would be used in a handful of Kyo Kusanagi mods, among others.

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