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== External links ==
== External links ==
[ Wolfer Spotlight] - by [[Andy Nonymous]][[Category:Modders]]
* [ Wolfer profile] on the [[Wolfenstein 3D Dome]]

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Entered the modding scene in 2002 and was extremely prolific for little more than a year. Many projects were announced, with some released either in finished or demo form, with a handful being withdrawn as well. Countless screenshots and ideas were shared as well.

Wolfenstein 3D mods

Withdrawn mods

Mods that got announced but never saw the light of day

  • Operation: Barbarian
  • Area 51 (later renamed Area 511)
  • Pray for BJ
  • Return to Castle Rodenburg
  • Operation: OrinTrigger
  • The Thing: Biohazard
  • Phoenix Rising
  • Colonial Marines
  • Escape From Castle Osrenberg
  • Heretic: Return of D'Sparil
  • Vampire: Heinnemann (essentially a reboot of Phoenix Rising)
  • Dusk of the Dead
  • Way of the Ninja
  • Doom 2: Return of the Dark One

External links

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