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[[Category:SDL mods]]
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[[Category:Registered Wolfenstein 3D]]
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Witching Hour is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by M2 Software. It was released on October 31, 2014.

Released on Halloween and deliberately meant as having a scary theme, the mod starts out as in a horror movie, at a car wreck deep in dark forest. The player must fight through a large forest, encountering various supernatural beings, monsters with a guarantee for quite a scare.

All graphics have been replaced, making for a definite horror theme with an ominous vibe that stands out in general Wolfenstein modding. Playing the mod in full screen especially underlines this effect.

If the player beats the mod, it is possible to play on Survival Mode; here the player will gather people out of the forest and back to safety, though this can indeed prove a challenge.

According to Atina of M2 Software, the mod was done in a week's time.

The game has been featured in a small article of a polish retro game magazine print covering Wolfenstein 3D.

Witching Hour is also the name of a song by black metal group Venom, further adding to the dark horror theme. The term goes much further back, being described as being a particular time of night where supernatural events may occur.


There have been several ports to various systems over the course of time including Android, Dreamcast, GCW Zero and TI Nspire CX. The GCW and Nspire ports were both done by Gameblabla. The Dreamcast and Android versions received some adjustments with a few additional improvements. Some of the additions are being able to pick an easier difficulty level, story screens, making use of the Dreamcast's VMU, linear filtering on the Android and changing the game's brightness.

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