Wolf3D Nazi is a mod for shareware Wolfenstein. The patch dates from March 1996, and no author is specified.

No new levels are featured, though tweaks have been made to showcase the new textures.

The graphics have been replaced with White Power and National Socialism symbolism, and guards have been replaced by Sambo-like characters (with pointy shoes, big lips and bones in their hair) and SS with Jewish Defense League characters with hats and the payot.

Wall textures make reference to several people on the extreme right in Germany, making it possible that the mod was authored from there, where Wolfenstein 3D had already caused controversy enough on its own.

All graphics are worded in English, however.

The patch was obviously never a fixture on the Wolfenstein 3D Dome and due to its controversial subject matter, it is not known when or if it will be uploaded.

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