WolfUSA is the third mod made by Fred Kenny. As with his previous mod, it is basically the map files from Wolffred with a different set of graphics.

This time the graphics were made as a tribute to those who lost their lives during the September 11 attacks.

All textures have been made red, white and blue and as noted upon release, it is effective at first but eventually grating for the eyes.

Though the layout of the three colors play out similar to those of the French or the Dutch flag, the Read Me says:

"In this one the TERRORISTS have disguised themselves as WWII German soldiers. To mock the good ole USA they painted the walls with the colors of the American flag."

Originally released on September 28, a new version followed on October 2, which featured the original guards. This is NOT the same as WolfUSA2, though the downloads share practically the same title.

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Download WolfUSA at The Wolfenstein 3D Vault

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