Wolf 3D Carneval Mod, a creation of Officer-Michael John, has been released in 30 June 2018. If features 20 new levels and, as typical of his mods, incorporates notable coding and graphic changes. It's also full of carneval revellers.

A beta was released over a year prior, late February 2017, but changes between the two instances appear to be extremely minor.

Story Edit

2016. februar 23. He came to the carneval's day. BJ herad,that Nazis doing a big carneval party. He decides to go disguised them for a little revelry. Good Luck BJ!

Credits Edit

Coding tutorials,graphics,sounds and musics:


  • Areyep - Elite,mutant guard sound
  • ID Software - Wolf 3D/Spear of Destiny data files and source code
  • Ripper - Wolf4SDL
  • Other Wolfers - Code tutorials,graphics'

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