Wolf 3D Funny April 1st Day is a shareware Wolfenstein 3D mod spawned by Officer-Michael John and released mid-2016 as a beta version. It brings 29 new maps (despite being based on WL1) together with a bundle of code changes and new audiovisuals.

Version history Edit

The history of this mod is somewhat convoluted and reaches back at least to 2015, when the first version with only 20 maps and DOS executable was released. The 2016 beta was for SDL and received two further gamemaps patches. OMJ's unfinished mod package introduces two further version: a newer release of the SDL mod and a severely limited Wolf4GW edition.

Story Edit

2015. April. 1st.

You,as BJ Blazkowicz you leave in the crazy castle of to play a joke on Nazis. (with the killing).You are too funny to live this day? Good luck BJ!

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