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Wolf Overdrive is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Thomas Weiling. It was released on December 21, 2015.

It features 48 levels. Inspired by the level flow of Totengraeber, 40 are regular levels with 8 being secret, including super secret. Irregular level numbers are also featured.

All 48 levels were designed specifically for the project, making it the first time in a while that Thomas featured no re-hashes or reboots of withdrawn or obscure releases.

Some levels are notoriously difficult. Initially not well received, Thomas mentioned this particular effect as being inspired by Spear Resurrection and The Golden Episodes which, despite their vicious difficulty at times, remained well-known and respected mods.

This mod was also converted to ECWolf by Executor in 2016.


After finishing and releasing Victory of Faith in January 2015, Thomas and Andy Nonymous started to gather their next project. An EXE based on registered Wolfenstein was quickly created, and what was to be the final version of this EXE was finished on February 16, 2015.

The day after, Andy took a leave of absence.

The mod features many new objects, four keys (including one for a locked elevator door), animated objects and 3D objects. Many new textures were also added, often in pastel colors.

Some textures were re-colored by Thomas using Merthsoft's Re-Coloring Tool. doomjedi also assisted with some graphics. One sprite, a fountain, was borrowed from Ron.

Initially titled Fun Maps, it was re-titled Wolf Overdrive briefly before release. This title had previously been used by Thomas for a 2009/2010 project that never saw the light of day with all its levels being lost.

Most textures and sprites were in place during February and March, but Thomas did not commence mapping until June 1. After making a handful of levels, he took one month off mapping only to return in July, not stopping until December. The mapping was heavily influenced by BJ Rowan, using marching guards and hallways three tiles wide, sometimes to excess.

Other influences included Ron, Arielus, Dean Horton and AReyeP.


Secret level 0 was a homage to Parafriction. The Final Solution featured a level 0 that could only be played if warped to in debug mode. This particular level was hugely influential on Thomas, as it was one of the first non-original Wolfenstein levels he ever played.

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