Wolfcool, also known as W3DCOOL, is a mod for shareware Wolfenstein, made by Milton Lee. It was finished in September 1993 and available for a time on numerous download sites.

Andy Nonymous ported the mod to v1.4 on September 5, 1995, and this set also featured a new set of levels which Milton Lee alluded to in his 1993 Read Me. Sadly, these levels do not appear in the only currently available download which is the original 1993 submission which only replaces the graphics.

Guards are now mutants who turn into skeletons when they are killed. Textures feature Jack Nicholson, Max Headroom and a host of Asian actors. Sprites can be confusing as Otto von Giftmacher and Hitler have been added as block objects, not actors.

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Download Wolfcool at The Wolfenstein 3D Vault

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