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Wolfenken is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, released on May 27, 2002. It was made by Kenny Roels, who also went by the name RKS Kenny. Roels released three mods; this, and Dark Dungeon I & II.

The mod uses sounds unique to this mod, including all guard sounds. One death scream is taken from a song by Prince, Sexy M.F. Most sounds are humorous, with many death screams being silly, or speech mangled via a sound editor.

It follows an episodic flow, though all episodes are simply titled "Play it".

The level design is quite varied. Almost all levels are Roels originals, though The Final Solution's opening level is used without credit as E5L1.

Sprites have been borrowed from other games (e.g. a health vial from Heretic, as seen on the screenshot).

Before being ported to SDL in December 2013 by Andy Nonymous, certain parts of the mod were inaccessible due to the high presence of Hitler ghosts and objects, with frequent crashes due to the "No free spots in objlist" bug.

Andy Nonymous was also in the process of porting the Dark Dungeon series to SDL before taking a leave of absence in February 2015.

Kenny Roels had his own Wolfenstein site which hosted his own mods, other mods, and editors (link below). Roels also used photos of himself as textures in the mod. Other textures remain unique to the mod, e.g. Pharaoh textures, concrete slabs, outer space designs and tweaks to doors.

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